It’s A Dog Eat Dog World- Sparkles and Chocolate

It’s a dog eat dog world!  Trying to keep to your favorite fur balls food, toys and leaches organized can be quite a chore.  Having dedicated space for your love ones is crucial for organization and cleanliness (which we’re still working on).  One of my two favorite pet storage ideas include a stand alone pet feeder station.  The kibble drawer cleverly disguises food and conveniently tilts out for easy access, the storage area holds 10 lbs. of food and the removable stainless steel food and water bowls slide out of sight for when guests arrive.  The second all-in-one pet station keeps the kitchen clutter-free by offering plenty of cabinet space for storing pet food, toys, and more. A sliding drawer beneath the cabinet was fitted for feeding bowls which can be also easily tucked away while entertaining.  For more ideas on Pet Storage “Click Here“.

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