The Model Pet Project

What is the Model Pet Project, you ask?  UTurn Studios and The Humane Society of Southwest Missouri have teamed up to help a total of 50 animals through exercise, play, treats, grooming, positive training and photography. With this program they hope to change the way a potential adoptive family views adoptable animals so that they will realize shelter guest animals can be model members of any household.

U-Turn’s most recent Model Pet dogs enjoyed a “snow day” and donned their holiday apparel for a fun day of holiday mischief. When you visit the shelter, you’ll meet a great variety of four-legged friends waiting to put a smile on your face. With the official start of Winter arriving this weekend, it’s a great time to add a snuggle buddy to the family! You can meet any of these dogs and puppies, along with many others by visiting The Humane Society of Southwest Missouri.

CLICK HERE for information about The Humane Society of Southwest Missouri.

CLICK HERE for more pictures of adorable dogs for adoption.


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