My Pinterest Wedding: The Wedding Cake

If you didn’t know by now, I love chocolate and sparkles and I couldn’t wait to incorporate that into my wedding cake design. I, of course, had a picture of a Pinterest cake that I adored, but we had to make a few changes. The Pinterest wedding cake was too dark of a blue, it was round and the cake was made with fondant, which would have cost us substantially more, so butter cream it was. So once we knew the shape, color and how many tiers were needed to feed our guests, we were ready for the tasting.

I never realized how many different wedding cake combinations were available and my Mom and I made sure to try every one (white, chocolate, marble, yellow, strawberry, lemon, spice, & red velvet) with several filling combinations (strawberry, lemon, raspberry, bavarian, chocolate bavarian, german chocolate, chocolate fudge and peanut butter).  We eventually decided upon chocolate with chocolate filling, white with raspberry filling, yellow with lemon filling and red velvet with chocolate filling.

What’s funny looking back now, is that after all that work, I ended up only having a few bites of my chocolate cake with chocolate icing, which was delicious, but I definitely wanted more. Future brides: make sure to slow down and eat your cake! Photos by Christine Bonnivier

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